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So now you have your Mp3 Player or iPod and you want to try some music downloads. Well, I suggest you first try to Rip one of your Cds into your computer or External Hard Drive and then, you can sync that to your Mp3 Player or iPod. Why? Becuase that should be your start to make sure that you can transfer music to your device and this would save you time on the long run. Once you have done that then, you should try some free music downloads.

I recommend 3 music sites that offer a free trial on music downloads. They are on the left column of this website. And here they are again: eMusic , Rhapsody and the Napster official site

The advantage of these 3 music downloads sites is that you get to try their player or system for free and you get to sync or transfer your music to your Mp3 Player or iPod®. You can also Rip these songs into Cds so you can listen to the same great music in your car, not just in your portable player.

Before you even pay for anything. Yes, you just sign up for their free trials and give then a shot at their music and player. If you don't like it or if it's hard or difficult to use, you just cancel and you're done. You can try the next one to see if that would work better for you.

I really recommend that you try only one music site at a time so you can really evaluate their player and system. If you want to come back to this site to remember the other music download sites that offer the free trials on music downloads, just bookmark this page and come back later.

Or you can download: iTunes  Over 2 million songs and growing if you are planning on buying an iPod in the future. You can burn iTunes music into Cds too.

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